Saturday, June 2, 2018

Education Jobs Cut in 2010-2011

Results from AASA’s latest economic impact survey, Cliff Hanger, indicated that anticipated jobs cuts for the 200910 and 201011 school years would surpass the number of jobs saved by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. With both houses of Congress already considering a second round of stimulus funding targeted to education jobs, the results of this followup survey ‐‐ focusing solely on accounting for job cuts ‐‐ make a startling case and bolster support for additional federal funding. This study finds that over three fourths of districts will cut or eliminate 27,516 education jobs in 2010-11 and 53 percent will freeze hiring. Based on these survey results, AASA estimates that the national total for education jobs cuts will be 275,000 in 2010-11, representing almost all of the 300,000 jobs saved by ARRA.

Ellerson, N. (2010). Projection of national education job cuts for 201011 school year. Alexandria, VA: AASA.

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