Monday, June 4, 2018

Projection of Teacher Turnovers

This report by Learning Policy Institute states that without changes in current policies, U.S. teacher shortages are projected to grow in the coming years. Teacher turnover is an important source of these shortages. About 8% of teachers leave the profession each year, two-thirds of them for reasons other than retirement. Another 8% shift to different schools each year. In addition to aggravating teacher shortages, high turnover rates lower student achievement and are costly for schools. This brief examines turnover trends and causes. The report concludes that policies to stem teacher turnover should target compensation, teacher preparation and support, and teaching conditions.

Carver-Thomas, D., & Darling-Hammond, L. (2017). Teacher turnover: Why it matters and what we can do about it. Palo Alto, CA & Washington, D.C.: Learning Policy Institute.

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