Monday, June 4, 2018

Technology Use by Students

This Pearson survey examines:

-       Current usage, ownership and purchase intent of mobile devices by elementary, middle, and high school students.
-       How elementary, middle, and high school students currently use mobile devices for school work, and how they expect to use them for school work in the future.
-       Students’ attitudes towards tablets for learning.

Findings show that:

-       Elementary and secondary students are highly receptive towards tablets, and believe strongly that these devices can improve their education. Nine in ten agree that tablets will change the way students learn in the future, and that they make learning more fun.
-       A substantial portion of students currently use and own tablets. Four in ten students own a smartphone. Older students are more likely than younger students to own a smartphone.
-       Students across elementary, middle, and high school regularly use mobile devices for school work. One-third of students say they have used a tablet for school work in the 2012-2013 school year, and over four in ten have used a smartphone for school work.
-       Among those who use tablets for school work, the majority own the tablet themselves, or share them with their family. Only one in six say that their school provides the tablets.
-       Students use tablets for a variety of school-related activities. The most popular are researching and doing homework, followed by checking assignments.

Pearson (2013). Pearson student mobile device survey 2013 national report: Students in grades 4-12. London, U.K.: Pearson.

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