Monday, June 4, 2018

Digital Learning on the Rise

This Speak Up study found that as the digital learner has emerged over the past ten years, we have noticed a significant shift in the student perspective on using technology for learning. In 2003, the students’ focus was on getting access to the Internet and the tools that would facilitate that access. Learning how to circumvent or mitigate the obstacles in their school that limited that access was also an important goal. Today, while access is still not universal for all students, for the majority of the students across all grades, their attention is on how to use a wide range of digital tools and resources to enable a highly personalized learning experience. This self-initiated evolution from access to personalization provides an interesting model for thinking about the adoption and adaption of emerging technologies within the school also. 

Speak Up (2013). From chalkboards to tablets: The emergence of the K-12 digital learner. St. Davids, PA: Speak Up.

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