Monday, June 4, 2018

College Students Use of Libraries

This report produced by OCLC focuses on the perceptions college students have of libraries and information resources. The study revealed that in many areas college students use libraries more, and are more aware of resources, than are respondents overall. Also, when correlations were done between educational attainment and library use, there is evidence that the more educated the respondent, the more likely they are to use libraries after formal education is completed. These survey results confirm that libraries – both academic and public – are used by college students. College students also expect their library usage to increase in the future at a higher rate than do total respondents. When asked to give advice, many student respondents suggested increasing libraries’ open hours, improving the lighting and furniture, hiring friendlier staff and allowing food and drink in libraries. The results confirm that the majority of college students are still not making high use of the array of electronic resources (online magazines, databases and reference assistance, for example) libraries make available. However, college students use electronic resources at higher rates and are the most familiar with what libraries have to offer compared to usage and familiarity of overall respondents.

De Rosa, C., Cantrell, J., Hawk, J., Wilson, A., Gauder, B., Havens, A., Limes, R., & Smith, S. (2006). College students’ perceptions of libraries and information resources: A report to the OCLC membership. Dublin, OH: OCLC.

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