Sunday, December 24, 2023

Parents' Perception of School Libraries reports

A recent study investigated parents' perceptions of school librarians. A vast majority of the parents surveyed asserted that every school should have a school librarian. The survey results show that a significant percentage of parents (80%) trust school librarians to select appropriate books and materials for school libraries. However,  only 41% of the parents have met their child’s school librarian. There were also mixed feelings about providing materials on race/racism and LGBT+, depending on the students' age. Parents also want more say about library collections.

A series of Parents’ Perception of School Libraries and Librarians Survey (Dec 2023) findings are available at Please see “Parents’ Perceptions of Public Libraries” (Sept 2023) and “Parents’ Perceptions of Librarians” (Nov 2023) for additional insights on this dynamic topic, surveyed by Book Riot and EveryLibrary Institute. 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Book Banning Report

A recent study reflected on the nearly 6,000 book bans in public schools documented from July 2021 to June 2023. The study illustrates the spread of copycat book bans and an apparent “Scarlet Letter” effect, where several works from an author’s catalog were subsequently targeted after at least one of their works was banned.

PEN. (2023). Banned in the US: The growing movement to censor books in schools. PEN.

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Digital Reading and Comprehension Study

 For years, research showed that print reading, whether for leisure or school, improved developing readers’ ability to comprehend text. However, the explosive use of digital reading devices, constant access to these devices, and new types of reading materials have introduced new reading habits. Now, a new comprehensive review of research on digital leisure reading habits finds a virtually nonexistent relationship between digital reading and improvement in reading comprehension among students.

Altamura, L., Vargas, C., & Salmerón, L. (2023). Do new forms of reading pay off? A meta-analysis on the relationship between leisure digital reading habits and text comprehension. Review of Educational Research. Prepublished December 13, 2023.