Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Digital Divide report

 As digital learning is expected to expand, data shows 67% of K-12 schools -- affecting 31.5 million students -- do not meet the recommended threshold of 1 megabits per second per student, according to a national report. Yet, data shows some improvement in median bandwidth per student and costs.

Connect12: 2020 executive summary. (2020). Connected Nation. 


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

World Reading Habits in 2020

 A lengthy infographic shows reading habits around the world in 2020. Aspects include reading formats, gender and generation trends, habits by continent -- and the US. 

Cabrera, I. (2020, Nov. 6). World reading habits in 2020. Global English Editinghttps://geediting.com/world-reading-habits-2020/

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Digital shift report

 The sudden shift in digital learning in spring 2020 has resulted in increased usage of digital tools by teachers and students, according to a recent national survey. Teacher viewpoints on what platforms and features are necessary has changed greatly, with more of a need for accessibility and flexibility. Teachers also see the importance of more cross-platform digital resources and want training in gamification. The report also finds stronger appreciation by parents for the value of technology as a learning vehicle and their role in supporting their child’s education from home. Engagement is still cited by education leaders as the top reason for the use of technology in education, but students cite improved outcomes, more personalized learning, better grades, better communication, and being able to collaborate. 

Speak Up National Report. (2020). Digital learning during the pandemic. Project Tomorrow. https://tomorrow.org/speakup/pdfs/2020%20Speak%20Up%20National%20Report.pdf