Wednesday, June 9, 2021

We're All Ears


Ears are one of animals’ most important organ – and they come in different sizes and shapes. ‘Ears hoping you will perk up your ears with these online activities.









Are you hearing a call for an ear-related career? You could become an ear doctor (audiologist), veterinarian – as well as a sign interpreter, sound engineer, musician, jewelry maker, or even ear piercer


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Teacher librarians and social media learning networks study

New research examines activities, motives, and barriers associated with social media learning. Results of an online questionnaire recorded perspectives on personalized learning networks. Results were categorized by media type (self-published content, curated content, microblogs, discussion forums, and social networks) and by user role (Passerby, Lurker, Networker, Content Creator, and Community Leader).

Cates, M. (2021). Social Media to Survive and Thrive: School Librarians Describe Online Professional Learning. School Library Research.