Monday, June 4, 2018

Media and PBL Instruction

In this study, the researcher conducted in depth, semi-structured telephone interviews with 12 experienced dPBL instructional designers from six different countries. Findings related to the types of media experienced instructional designers utilized to facilitate the design of dPBL included (a) learning management systems, (b) web-based media, and (c) emerging technologies. Findings related to the factors that influenced experienced instructional designers’ media selection choices included (a) the PBL instructional method, (b) designers' perceived advantages and limitations of asynchronous and synchronous media, and (c) feedback from media pilots. Finally, a list of five interrelated media selection guidelines recommended by the experienced instructional designers included (a) focus on PBL learning activities, (b) integrate synchronous media, (c) explore web-based media and emerging technologies (d) engage in continued professional development, and (e) conduct media pilots. 

Fells, S. (2012). Instructional designers' media selection practices for distributed problem-based learning environments (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from

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