Monday, June 4, 2018

Online Reading Habits and Literacy Trends

This study by People for Education found that while Ontario students’ literacy scores have improved, there has been a dramatic decline in the percentage of Ontario students who report that they “like to read”. It is stated that according to the OECD, students’ attitudes toward learning can be as important as their grasp of specific knowledge and skills. Research also shows that certain school-based factors can have a positive effect on students’ enjoyment of reading. The study states that parents’ main contribution to their children becoming successful readers is not by teaching technical skills. PISA results show that teens who are very much engaged in online reading activities, such as reading e-mails, chatting online, reading news on line, using an online dictionary, participating in online group discussions, and searching for information online, are generally more proficient readers than students who do little online reading.

People for Education (2011). Reading for joy: As meat is to the body, so reading is to the soul. Toronto, ON: People for Education.

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