Monday, June 4, 2018

E-Learning Trends for Librarians

In 2005, WebJunction commissioned an independent contractor to investigate the use of e-learning for staff training and education in library organizations. While this research did not address all of the above questions and comments, it was an attempt to understand several aspects of library organizations’ e-learning experiences and needs. Through this report, the hope is to provide a baseline to which we can compare changes and growth in e-learning in the library field over time.

Key findings discussed in the report include:

-       The current e-learning environment
-       Characteristics of e-learning developers and purchasers
-       When e-learning is an effective training method and topics of interest
-       Perceived benefits and barriers to e-learning
-       Delivery formats pursued by e-learning developers
-       The outlook for potential e-learning adopters

Chesemore, S., Van Noord, R., Salm, J., & Caletrik, C. (2006). Trends in e-learning for library staff: A summary of research findings. Dublin, OH: OCLC.

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