Monday, June 4, 2018

Title I Schools – Online Professional Training

This study reflects the comparative Title I gains for math and reading scores for teachers participating in an online, on-demand professional development program school-wide versus nonparticipating Title I in their respective districts as benchmarks. The advantage of participation was verified for both reading performance and mathematics performance in terms of significantly better end states and year-to-year increases in the proportion of students classified as proficient or advanced on standardized tests. The leave little argument that online, on-demand professional development merits broader utilization and evaluation throughout the variety of school settings within which teacher continue to effort selflessly to help their students grow and maximize their potentials. These findings establish a data-driven recommendation that this approach is worthy of strong consideration.

Shaha, S., Glassett, K., Copas, A., Ellsworth, H. (2015). Title I schools: The student-based impact of online, on-demand professional development on educators. Contemporary issues in education research – 4th Quarter 2015, 8(4), 227-234.

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