Monday, June 4, 2018

Learning Management Systems

According to a report from The Greaves Group & The Hayes Connection, schools are just beginning to adopt and implement learning management systems. This report provides a bit of insight that offers guidance on this transition:

Nearly half of school districts were using an LMS at the time of the research, and roughly a quarter planned to use one by the end of 2009–2010. Roughly a third of school districts said they did not plan to use an LMS; Greaves predicts that as costs decline, this will change.

Reasons given for not yet implementing an LMS:

-       Price is too high
-       LMS technology is not known well enough to adopt at this point
-       Technical-support requirements are too high 
-       Available content does not match requirements 
-       Don’t see the need for one 
-       Current LMS systems can’t meet requirement

Greaves, T. W., & Hayes, J. (2008). America’s digital schools 2008: The six trends to watch. United States: The Greaves Group & The Hayes Connection.

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