Monday, June 4, 2018

Benefits of Reading Aloud on Language Acquisition

Findings from this study show the positive effects of read-alouds and storytelling on literacy development and second-language acquisition, which have also been confirmed many times in the research literature. In addition, there is consistent evidence that in-school free voluntary reading (sustained silent reading) is effective for both first- and second-language acquisition. Hearing stories stimulates interest in particular books, which in turn encourages a reading habit. In this study, the authors investigate the effect of a combination read-aloud/self-selected reading experience on sixth graders in Korea studying English as a foreign language on measures of both language/literacy development and interest in reading. The study states that the latter may be the most important measure, as it is an indication of whether the students will continue to read on their own and thereby continue to improve in English after the program ends.

Cho, K. S., & Choi, D. S. (2008). Are read-alouds and free reading “natural partners”?: An experimental study. Knowledge Quest, 36(5), 69-73.

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