Monday, June 4, 2018

Digital Divide in K-12

In this report by Education Superhighway, findings show that in 2013, the nation made a promise to close the K-12 digital divide and level the playing field for children throughout America. In the past four years, unparalleled bipartisan action has led to exceptional progress toward fulfilling this promise by connecting an additional 35.2 million of our students. State and school district leaders, who have brought high-speed connectivity to 8,379 school districts. Service providers, who have dramatically improved the affordability of broadband. In 2017, the progress made possible by E-rate modernization continued, reducing the number of students without high-speed Internet access by 5.1 million and the number of schools without 21st-century broadband infrastructure by 45%, thereby setting the stage for the nation to deliver on our promise of digital equity by 2020.

Education Superhighway (2017). 2017 State of the states: Fulfilling our promise to America’s students. San Francisco, CA: Education Superhighway.

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