Saturday, June 2, 2018

Survey on Student Engagement

Schools that utilize the High School Survey of Student Engagement are listening to their students’ beliefs, perceptions, and perspectives on their school experience; those schools that utilize their student engagement data effectively are making progress. This report highlights five such schools and districts; struggling with a variety of structural, instructional, and societal issues, these schools are focusing their efforts on charting a path to achievement that starts with engagement. Results showed that slightly over half of students agreed or strongly agreed that “I am an important part of my high school community.” More than two out of five students in high schools across the country do not feel that they are an important part of the community in which they spend the bulk of their time each day.

Yazzie-Mintz, E. (2010). Charting the path from engagement to achievement: A report on the 2009 high school survey of student engagement. Bloomington, IN: High School Survey of Student Engagement.

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