Saturday, June 2, 2018

School Disciplinary Policies

According to a study by Texas Appleseed, school-based arrest of students is not as common, but does occur—and often without prior notice to parents or a lawyer being present during initial questioning of the student. The increase in ticketing and arrest of students, in Texas and nationwide, has coincided with the growth in school-based policing. Campus policing is the largest and fastest growing area of law enforcement in Texas, according to its own professional association. The study found that with counselors stretched to handle class scheduling and test administration duties, school administrators and teachers are increasingly turning to campus police officers (also known as School Resource Officers or SROs) to handle student behavior problems. Today in Texas, most public schools have a police officer assigned to patrol hallways, lunchrooms, school grounds, and after-school events.

Texas Appleseed (2010). Ticketing, arrest & use of force in schools: How the myth of the “blackboard jungle” reshaped school disciplinary policy. Austin, TX: Texas Appleseed.

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