Saturday, June 2, 2018

COSN 2017 Survey on Cyber Security

CoSN, currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, found that it longer needs to ask survey respondents if they are “familiar with CoSN.” However, according to the report, not all changes are positive, and solving one problem can create another. As districts have transitioned to digital environments, concerns have increased regarding data privacy and data security. A low ranking priority in the early survey results, Cyber Security is now one of the top concerns for IT Leaders. IT Leaders also contend with persistent issues that are unrelated to their digital ecosystem. Five years of survey results show that budgets and department silos consistently pose problems for them. The report also states how broader issues, such as racial diversity, and lower priorities, like revising acceptable use policies, still require attention.

CoSN (2017). K-12 IT leadership survey report. Washington, D. C.: CoSN.

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