Saturday, June 2, 2018

Roadblocks to Creativity in the Classroom

A survey led by Edelman Berland and commissioned by Adobe and released to coincide with the ISTE 2013 conference surveyed K-12 and higher-ed teachers and parents of students in the United States, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom to compare attitudes toward creativity in education.
It was found that in the United States, both teachers and parents overwhelming indicated their support for creativity in the classroom and the need to make changes to the curriculum and to priorities at the administrative and policy levels. In terms of the economic importance of creativity in education, most U.S. parents and U.S. educators who participated in the survey agreed or strongly agreed that "fostering creativity in education today will fuel the economies of the future." The study also found that parents and educators agreed on the need to make changes in order to foster creativity. Lastly, the study identified several barriers to creativity in American schools.
Berland, E. (2013). Barriers to creativity in education: Educators and parents grade the system. San Jose, CA: Adobe.

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