Monday, June 4, 2018

Increased Use of Media and Technology by Teachers

According to a survey by Grunwald Associates LLC, educators are not limiting their searches to classroom content. They also are seeking ways to improve and grow professionally. Teachers increasingly are using the Internet to access instructional strategies and opportunities for professional development, collaboration and inspiration.

Key findings include:

-       The Internet is quickly becoming the source for media-based instruction, with streaming and downloading of content surging.
-       Teachers believe that a variety of technology devices and Web-based systems help them do their jobs better and help them to engage students in learning.
-       Teachers see great educational potential in smart, portable devices, including laptops, tablets, e-readers and handhelds.
-       Teachers are joining online professional communities to connect, collaborate and share resources with other teachers.

Even more encouraging, the survey provides evidence that teachers are increasingly skilled at integrating digital media and technology into instructional practice and professional development.

Deepening Connections (2011). Teachers increasingly rely on media and technology. Bethesda, MD: Grunwald Associated LLC.

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