Saturday, June 2, 2018

Challenges Integrating Technology in Education

According to this study, K-12 information technology departments continue to face difficult challenges during a time of limited funding, static staff, and huge growth in support of IT assets and infrastructure in K-12 districts. Among the key findings of this fifth annual survey:

-       Information Technology Staffing and Staffing Concerns: Mean ratio of students to technicians is 1,998:1 – an increase from 2010 results, but still lower than 2009 numbers. This high number still indicates continued overlook in K-12 districts to hire technicians.
-       Information Technology Assets: The mean number of students to computers is 12, up from four since 2010, indicating a dramatic increase in students and a setback to the goal of 1:1 computing.
-       Software and Systems: Ninety percent were familiar or very familiar with the SaaS application model. Those very familiar increased 21 percent from 2010, showing a high adoption growth rate of SaaS in education.
-       Information Technology Issues: Similar to prior years, IT funding was identified as the most important issue to resolve for strategic success in 2012. This continues to be a major concern for IT departments as we see year after year.

Schooldude (2013). The unique challenges facing the IT professional in K-12 education: 2012-2013 survey results. Cary, NC: Schooldude.

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