Monday, June 4, 2018

Technology Altering Children’s Lives

This report was written to share stories of how technology is transforming every aspect of children’s lives—education, workforce preparation, economic security, health, social inclusion, and civic engagement. The authors’ goal is to provide some initial tools for how the audience— leaders for children—can help ensure that the children in readers’ community do not get left behind in the digital revolution. In addition, the authors encourage the readers to consider how the application of ICT can improve the lives of the children they may serve. Finally, this brief explores the many tools technology offers to help leaders speak out on behalf of children. The authors hope this brief provides readers with new ways to think about child advocacy and to improve the lives of children.

The Children’s Partnership (2008). Information technology making a difference in children’s lives: An issue brief for leaders for children. Los Angeles, CA: The Children’s Partnership.

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