Saturday, June 2, 2018

Report on Digital Badges

This report discusses the concept of digital badges - defined as digital credentials that convey an array of skills, interests, and achievements - are steadily growing in acceptance as a way to validate learning that takes place not only in school but also at home and in a number of other out-of-school settings. This report builds on the growing body of literature about digital badge systems by providing insight into how they are being used to enrich course curriculum in formal academic settings and enhance professional learning for educators in libraries and other out-of-school environments. It also explores the types of partnerships and policies that have played a critical role in helping these systems to flourish. Although many of the examples described in this report are in the early stages of implementation, these emerging digital badge systems illustrate the multiple ways they are supporting college and career readiness.

Thigpen, K. (2014). Digital badge systems: The promise and potential. Washington, D.C.: Alliance for Excellent Education.

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