Saturday, June 2, 2018

Technology is Part of the Future

The findings from this study illustrate how K–12 students are leading the way in re-thinking education delivery and career exploration. These insights can be used to inform our nation’s education leaders in communities all across the United States, as they plan on how to use the stimulus funds for education effectively. Findings show that only one-third of high school students who participated in this year’s Speak Up poll think their school is doing a good job preparing them for the jobs of the future (in fact, even fewer numbers of their parents think that). If given the opportunity, middle and high school students say they would use their mobile devices to communicate with their classmates (53 percent) or teachers (34 percent) via e-mail, IM or text message; work with classmates on projects (48 percent) at home or school; and play educational games (32 percent).

Speak Up (2009). Selected national findings – Speak Up 2008 for students, teachers, parents and administrators: March 24, 2009. St. Davids, PA: Speak Up.

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