Monday, June 4, 2018

Tech in Learning

The 2011 Speak Up Project results show how K-12 students tap into a wide range of tech tools for personalized learning — both in and out of school. Parents support digital learning to prepare their children for the future. See how technology enables new and customized learning that is socially-based, un-tethered and digitally-rich.

Key findings include:

-       Over 1 in 3 parents would recommend online classes to improve student performance.
-       Roughly half of high school students have used Facebook as a collaborative learning tool.
-       Two thirds of administrators are unlikely to allow personal mobile devices for learning.
-       Two thirds of parents would buy a mobile device for their child if the school used them for learning.
-       Over half of 6th-12th graders Reluctance want to use their own mobile device for school.

Speak Up (2011). Speak Up 2011 national research project. Irvine, CA:

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