Monday, June 4, 2018

Benefit of Academic Libraries

This report details the extensive collection of assessment methods and tools used by the campus teams during the three-year AiA program, which point to multiple types of library factors and their potential impacts on students’ academic outcomes. Higher education institutions are encouraged to replicate or adapt these approaches to expand understanding of student learning and to assess library contributions to academic outcomes at their institutions. Findings from this report also provide a compelling assessment that tell a strong story about the multiple ways that academic libraries are contributing to student learning and success. While each institutional context is unique and the AiA project findings about library impact are not generalizable to all academic settings, the demonstrations of positive connections between the library and aspects of student learning and success in five areas are particularly noteworthy.

Brown, K., & Malenfant, K. J. (2017). Academic library impact on student learning and success: Findings from assessment in action team projects. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries.

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