Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Library Use Among Youth

This Pew Research Center report found that 53% of millennials ages 18 to 35 last fall said they have used a public library or bookmobile within the last year. The data doesn't include on-campus libraries. Also, roughly half of adults ages 18 and older say they used a public library or bookmobile in the previous 12 months – a share that is broadly consistent with Pew Research Center findings in recent years. The survey also found that women are more likely to visit a library and use a library website. A person's schooling can affect how often someone finds themselves in a library. College graduates were found to be more likely than high school graduates to use libraries in the past year.

Horrigan, J. B. (2016). Libraries 2016 – Trends in visiting public libraries have steadied, and many Americans have high expectations for what their local libraries should offer. Washington, D.C.: Pew Research Center.

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