Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Infusion of Technology in Schools

Education Week releases this special report investigating the impact technology is having in K-12 schools as digital learning tools flood classrooms across the country. The report reveals that technology is failing to reach its full potential in K-12 schools, despite the rapid infusion of new devices and technologies into the classroom. Further, disparities in technology access and adoption, and in the ways new tools are integrated into instruction, may be fueling a new digital divide that threatens to exacerbate long-standing inequities and separate education’s haves and have-nots along new fault lines. An analysis of federal data from the Education Week Research Center examines schools’ access to high-speed internet, passive vs. active uses of technology, and teacher training needs.

Education Week (2017). New report from Education Week shows classroom technology fails to reach full potential in K-12 schools. Bethesda, MD: Education Week.

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