Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reading study

This article examines the need for early literacy. The following excerpt focuses on recovered dyslexics: 

Fink (1996/6, JAAL) studied 12 people who were considered dyslexic when they were young, who all became “skilled readers."  Out of the 12, nine published creative scholarly works and one was a Nobel laureate. Eleven of the 12 reported that they finally learned to read between the ages of 10 and 12 (p. 273), and one did not learn to read until the 12th grade. According to Fink, these readers had a lot in common:
“As children, each had a passionate personal interest, a burning desire to know more about a discipline that required reading. Spurred by this passionate interest, all read voraciously, seeking and reading everything they could get their hands on about a single intriguing topic" (pp. 274-275).

Krashen, S. 2014. Literacy education: Need we start early? Language and Language Teaching, 3,2 (6): 1-7.

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