Friday, June 24, 2016

Teachers and student behavior study

Schools must do more to address behavioral issues among students, according to 90% of teachers and administrators responding to a recent survey. The report is based on online surveys from 2,500 teachers and administrators, with many acknowledging the link between academic achievement and meeting students' behavioral, social and emotional needs. Some findings follow:
  • 74 percent of surveyed educators said that addressing the needs of students whose academic challenges are rooted in social and emotional issues should be a top priority for their school, although only 56 percent said it currently is;
  • The most common strategy for dealing with behavioral issues is a system of rewards and consequences;
  • 57 percent of teachers and 67 percent of administrators said the main challenge to  implementing a school- or district-wide climate and culture initiative is inconsistency on the types of behaviors that are tracked, monitored and rewarded.
YouGov and Kickboard. (2016). The State of Climate & Culture Initiatives in America's Schools. 

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