Saturday, June 25, 2016

Schools' use of digital content study

The use of digital content is on the rise in American schools. Eight in 10 K-12 schools and districts are using some form of it, primarily as classroom curriculum but also to round out e-book collections in a library or media center. The most desired content is English/language arts, requested by 74%  of teachers. Science follows at 62%, math at 61% and social studies at 56%. Within the category of ELA, the primary preference for digital content is informational texts and literary non-fiction aligned to units of study, sought by 74% of teachers. The content is being used primarily on laptops (75%), according to 2,033 school and district administrators who responded to a survey run by two education organizations. Tablets come in second with 62%, and PCs follow with 4 %. Smartphones are used to consume digital content at 17% of respondent schools.
ASCD. (2016). Digital content goes to school. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

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