Friday, June 24, 2016

Children's tech consuption report

More than half of kids aged 3–16 — including a quarter of those aged 3 and 4 — access the Internet at least daily, according to the latest Kids Tech report. Some findings include:
·                   For all kids, watching free videos is the most popular online activity, but for teenagers social media and instant messaging or e-mailing rank higher;
·                   70 percent of parents with children aged 3–12 said they had parental controls in place to restrict internet access for their children, and the same portion said they use time limits;
·                   Television is still king among video platforms, being cited as the most frequently watched;
·                   More than a third of all kids interviewed said they consume video on a mobile device at least once a day;
·                   The most common way to find new videos and apps is through recommendations from friends.
Kids tech. (2016). Herefordshire, UK: FutureSource Consulting.

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