Friday, June 24, 2016

Nation's report card 2106

     About one-third of high-school students are ready for entry-level college courses, according to the Nation's Report Card. Data also show a one-point decrease in average math scores in 2015, compared with 2013, and a five-point decline in average reading scores, compared with data from 1992. Only 37% are prepared for college-level math and reading. Furthermore,the percentage of students scoring below a basic level increased.
     While 32% of white students and 47% of Asian students scored at proficient or above in math, only 7% of black students and 12% of Hispanic students did.Similar gaps were present in reading: 46% of white students and 49% of Asian students scored at or above proficient, while only 17% of black students and 25% of Hispanic students did so.
National Assessment of Educational Progress. (2016). The nation's report card. Washington, DC: Author.

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