Thursday, January 12, 2017

Where Teachers Get Tech Help Study

By a margin of about five to one, teachers prefer to solve their own tech problems without the help of the IT department.Educators' top choice for solving their tech troubles is online searches, with 37 percent citing that as their preferred source for help with technology. Coming in second was peers, at 23 percent. The help desk/IT department ranked third at 17 percent, followed by the instructional technologist at 11 percent. Students rounded out the top 5 preferred sources of tech help at 4 percent. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed indicated they have adequate support and training for the use of technology in the classroom. For their part, most teachers said they see themselves as at least competent in their tech abilities. The top hardware used include: desktop computers, laptops, cameras, interactive whiteboard, projectors. Top software include: presentation, word processing, gradebook, online video service, classroom management software.
Nagel, D., & Schaffhauser, D. (2016). Where do teachers turn for tech help? THE Journal.

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