Thursday, April 12, 2018

States Keep Track of Student Success

According to a report by the Data Quality Campaign, states can measure the factors that measure student success through examining the data to ensure that students are on track to succeed. The four core principles this report stresses are measuring what matters making data use possible, being transparent and earning trust, and guaranteeing access and protecting privacy. The report summarizes what we know about states’ efforts to act on the Four Policy Priorities; provides evidence of state efforts based on DQC’s research and research by others where relevant; builds on DQC’s 50-state survey, last administered in 2014, to paint a richer picture of state efforts by using multiple research methods including opinion research, website and policy reviews, and legislative analysis; describes state progress beyond a simple yes or no response and takes into account the guiding principles that foster quality over compliance; and provides specific recommendations along with examples and resources for individuals looking to move their state forward.

Data Quality Campaign (2017). TIME TO ACT 2017 – Put data in the hands of people. Data Quality Campaign.

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