Thursday, April 12, 2018

Online Interactive Learning for Students with Disabilities

 The purpose of this study was to view the design, classroom implementation, and effectiveness of interactive online units to enhance science learning over three years among students with learning disabilities, English learners, and general education students. An analysis of the results showed that students with learning disabilities in the treatment group improved 18 percentage points on assessments of science knowledge from pre-test to post-test; and English language learners increased 15 percentage points. Learners in the control group who were taught using the traditional methods showed just five points of gain. The implications of these findings point to a significant benefit of using online curriculum to boost students’ scores in areas that are of concern, such as science.

Terrazas-Arellanes, F.E., Gallard, A. J., M., Strycker, L. A., & Walden, E. D. (2018). Impact of interactive online units on learning science among students with learning disabilities and English learners. International Journal of Science Education, 40(5), 498-518,

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