Thursday, April 19, 2018

Computer Science Activities and Assessment Scores

According to preliminary results of a National Science Foundation-funded study led by Outlier Research and Evaluation from the University of Chicago, students who participate in extra computer science activities might perform better on assessments. Data also shows how students who did extra computer science activities in transdisciplinary modules scored higher on reading comprehension exams, as well as Florida standardized tests in science and English and language arts (ELA), according to preliminary results from a new study. More experience teaching computer science was also correlated with higher scores on this exam, as were higher levels of self-reported teacher innovativeness.

Milenkovic, L., Acquavita, T., Century, J., Kim, D., & Blackwell, C. (2016). Investigating conceptual foundations for a transdisciplinary model integrating computer science into the elementary STEM curriculum. Alexandria, VA: Division of Research on Learning.

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