Friday, February 16, 2018

Stimulating Curiosity and Science Acquisition

This longitudinal study of students from elementary school through high school examined pathways from parental stimulation of children’s curiosity per se to their science acquisition. Controlling for socio-economic status, parental stimulation of curiosity bore positive and significant relations to science intrinsic motivation and achievement, which in turn related to science acquisition. Results showed that gender neither related to stimulation of curiosity nor contributed to the model. Findings highlight the importance of parental stimulation of children’s curiosity in facilitating trajectories into science, and relevance to science education is discussed.
Gottfried, A. E., Preston, K. S. J., Gottfried, A. W., Oliver, P. H., Delany, D. E., & Ibrahim, S. M. (2016). Pathways from parental stimulation of children’s curiosity to high school science course accomplishments and science career interest and skill.  International Journal of Science Education, 38(12), 1972-1995.

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