Thursday, February 15, 2018

High-Achieving, Low-Income Students Face Unequal Practices by Colleges

According to findings from a recent web survey of students who applied for a scholarship from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, there are concerns about college costs such as room and board and extra fees that “discourage" a third of high-achieving high school seniors from low-income backgrounds from applying to any college. Roughly half of respondents never visit their "top choice" school, and almost a quarter of them apply with no help from parents, teachers or school counselors. These students had a GPA above 3.8 and SAT or ACT scores in the top 15 percent nationwide. This study is important because it examines the challenges high-achieving students face and offers guidance for how elite colleges can "open their doors wider" to outstanding low-income students.

Jennifer Glynn (2017). Opening doors: How selective colleges and universities are expanding access for high-achieving, low-income students. Lansdowne, VA: Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

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