Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Homework study

Homework may not boost all students' test scores
More math homework may help top students as well as those who struggle, but average students may reap less benefit from additional assignments when it comes to improving test scores in the subject, according to a new study. Only roughly 40% of students who were observed in the study would benefit in a significant way from an additional hour per night of homework, the researchers concluded.
Henderson, D., & Eren, O. (2008).
The impact of homework on student achievement. Econometrics Journal, 11(2), 326-348.

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Unknown said...

The results of this study do not surprise me. I will, however, be shocked if districts and administrators use the information when designing homework policies. It's as though they simply refuse to believe that more does NOT equal better, when it comes to homework and test scores.
Angela Tyler