Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obesity studies

Sufficient sleep may prevent childhood obesity
Each additional hour of sleep may cut a child's risk of obesity by 9%, according to a Johns Hopkins study. Children who slept the least were 92% more likely to carry extra pounds compared to children who got sufficient shut-eye.
Chen, X., Beydoun, M., & aWang, Y. (2008, Feb.). Is Sleep Duration Associated with Childhood Obesity? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Obesity.

BMI insufficient for determining weight-loss needs
A new report indicates that body mass index may not identify all patients who are carrying too much body fat. Measurements such as waist size and total percentage of fat are better for identifying those at risk from weight-related problems and in need of weight-loss recommendations and interventions, the study found.
Colombo, O., et al. (2008). To treat or not to treat: comparison of different criteria used to determine whether weight loss is to be recommended. Nutrition Journal, 7(5).

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