Saturday, December 2, 2017

Questions to Address Parents’ Concerns Regarding Educational Technology

According to a new book written by Joe Clement and Matt Miles titled Screen Schooled, students are now strongly tethered to their digital devices and entertainment media. They emphasize that “the new digital world is a toxic environment for the developing minds of young people. Rather than making digital natives superlearners, it has stunted their mental growth.” In their book, they recommend that teachers reject most of educational technology and instead, teach simply and directly to encourage understanding and thought. They want to improve student skills and human interaction, not show them how to look up stuff on Google. Clement and Miles estimated, based on several studies, that about 75 percent of high school students walk the halls with cellphones in their hands rather than in pockets or purses. In order to address this problem, the authors suggest that parents ask questions at PTA meetings regarding the advantages of using technology. They suggest parents should ask questions on improvements that the use of screens has had on students’ academic achievement levels, and whether school officials have any data to back up such claims. By asking the questions, the authors said, parents can be more informed about the use of technology in their children’s educational experiences.

 Clement, J., & Miles, M. (2017). Screen schooled: Two veteran teachers expose how technology overuse is making our kids dumber. Chicago, IL: Chicago Review Press. 

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