Saturday, December 2, 2017

Transforming Libraries to Better Facilitate a Culture of Reading

Drawing from one case study out of a larger dataset of six schools, this paper details how one Singapore school transformed its school library, making it a central place for reading within the school. Data collected provided evidence of the kinds of strategies, programs and design that works to encourage reading. This study found that factors for building a reading culture include: (1) curating the book selection for readers, (2) making books visible (3) creating programs to excite readers, (4) designing spaces for reading, and (5) building an ecology for reading.

Other important findings include:

-       It is not so much the number of books as the selection of books that contributes to student interest in visiting the school library.
-       The design and organization of space can shape learning behaviors positively. Designing a library by using relevant programs and policies can result in more productive use of library spaces to help encourage reading.
-       Teachers and librarians can engage in a form of evidence-based practice to track the effectiveness of their interventions at school.

Chin, E. L., Ellis, M., Paculdar, A. A., & Hao Wan, Z. (2017). Building a successful reading culture through the school library: A case study of a Singapore secondary school. IFLA Journal, 43(4), 335-347.

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