Monday, February 21, 2011

college students and technology study

Survey shows college students favor technology-infused education
Many college students say more technology is needed on campus to help them balance the demands of school and jobs, a national survey found. The study, by the education group looked at how students manage busy schedules that include academics, jobs and extracurricular activities. The study then recommended more online options for classes, textbooks and projects.

The study, which included 751 students and 201 educators from colleges and universities across the country, examined how students handle hectic schedules that include full-time course loads, jobs, and extracurricular activities. The survey results were indicative of nontraditional students who find time before or after work to take classes and earn a college degree. Enrollment in online educational programs has skyrocketed in the past two years – especially at community colleges — as millions of adults return to school during the country’s economic downturn.

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