Saturday, November 11, 2017

YouthTruth Student Survey – Quarter of Students Being Bullied

Results from a nationally representative survey show that a quarter of students in grades five through twelve report being bullied. While the findings are consistent with previous research, the report provides insights into how student experiences vary across demographic groups. The survey also found that most bullying happened in person, not online; and that students who reported cyberbullying were usually being bullied in person as well. According to the survey, reasons for bullying include appearance, race, skin color, and perceived sexual orientation. Male students and those who identify as other than male or female were slightly more likely to report being bullied for their perceived sexual orientation. Bullying is often a difficult issue for students to discuss, so utilizing surveys can be useful in receiving anonymous feedback about this issue that affects nearly a quarter of students in middle school or high school. All students have the right to feel safe at school. The authors of this study hope that their data helps spark conversations about bullying in school and perhaps lead to strategies to help prevent bullying. 
Bartlebaugh, H. (2017). Is bullying an issue at your school? Find out by asking students. San Francisco, CA: YouthTruth Student Survey.

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