Sunday, November 5, 2017

FBOL Report - Support, PD Keys to Successful Classroom Tech Deployments

A nationally representative survey assessed the views of teachers regarding the adoption of technology in their instruction. Follow-up interviews with 11 different educators were conducted.


Key findings of the report include:
·       Almost all of respondents said they use computers in teaching.
·       Roughly half of respondents stated that they implement technology into their instruction through methods such as a learning management system, data dashboard, or student information system.
·       Over half of respondents rated the impact of technology on their teaching and on their students’ performance as being highly transformative.
·       Teachers who reported more experience with technology and more support from their school were more likely to report successful changes in their teaching practice.

Key recommendations and takeaways for the report include:
·       Teachers tend to value and utilize technology in order to have differentiated instruction or to facilitate student collaboration.
·       It is important to maintain a stable strategy of implementing technology into teaching, despite many future technological advancements.
·       Teachers should feel comfortable adjusting blended learning concepts to suit their own strengths and situations.


The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning. (2017). Teaching with technology: Educators’ perspectives and recommendations for successful blended instructional strategies. Castle Rock, CO: The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning and Evergreen Education Group. 2017.


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