Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Main Obstacles to Digital Learning’s Implementation in Instruction

According to a worldwide study of K-12 education professionals conducted by Schoology, it is widely agreed upon that digital learning has a positive impact on student learning and teaching effectiveness. However, the study also found that the biggest barrier to digital learning for teachers is gaining student access to technology, combined with a lack of time during the school day for implementing these strategies. For administrators, the top concern is providing relevant and effective professional development to their staff, followed by limitations and problems with the technological infrastructure, such as WiFi and security. Differentiated learning, blended learning, and individualized learning were among the top three approaches survey respondents used in their instructional approaches to integrate technology.  However, across both roles, the main obstacle to integrating technology into the classroom was lack of time and an insufficient number of devices to do so.

Schoology (2017). The global state of digital learning in K-12 education. New York, NY: Schoology.

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