Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reluctant male readers and ereaders study

Previous research in the field has shown that upper elementary and middle school students tend to read less than younger students because of time spent with their friends and in other activities. Also, these same students, particularly boys, may not value reading as much as they did when they were younger. Among those students, research has shown that low-skilled readers have trouble starting, continuing and finishing a book, and that they are stymied by vocabulary and reading comprehension challenges. Skilled readers, on the other hand, enjoy books. Researchers have suggested that technological gadgets, enlarged text and a more favorable environment might encourage reluctant readers. For those reasons the authors pursued a study to see how reluctant readers would respond to e-readers. The study study presents reasons e-readers may be beneficial, in particular, to reluctant readers in middle grades.
Williams-Rossi, Miranda, T., Johnson, K., & McKenzie, N. (2012). Reluctant Readers in Middle School: Successful Engagement with Text Using the E-Reader. International Journal of Applied Science and Technology.

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