Saturday, January 12, 2019

Effects of Apps on Learning

According to a report by Brightbytes, a median of 30 percent of the ed-tech licenses purchased by K-12 districts–as tracked through a proprietary platform–are never used. And a median of 97.6 ed-tech licenses are never used “intensively”. A team of leading researchers and analysts explored data from the BrightBytes Learning Outcomes module to determine the range of cost per license for purchased apps, the degree purchased apps are being used, and the level of effectiveness apps have for math, science, and ELA. The results of this research show which apps are having a positive impact on student learning, and the environments in which this work is successful.

Baker, R. S., & Gowda, S. M. (2018). Highlights from the Brightbytes’ 2018 Annual Insights Report: Towards understanding app effectiveness and cost. San Francisco, CA: Brightbytes.

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