Saturday, January 12, 2019

Digital Citizenship in Education

This article explores how social media use in formal and informal learning spaces can support the development of digital citizenship for secondary school students. The article provides a conceptual analysis of civic engagement as digital citizenship and considers how digital media applications can support citizenship education in middle- and high-school grades. Then, empirical research is provided that demonstrates how high school students develop digital citizenship practices through out-of-school practices. This article also suggests that both dimensions of digital citizenship (i.e., in-school, traditional citizenship education and out-of-school activities aimed at civic engagement) can be integrated through a social media-facilitated curriculum. Lastly, recommendations for teaching and learning through social media are offered to educators, community members, practitioners, parents, and others.

Gleason, B., & Gillern, S. (2018). Digital citizenship with social media: Participatory practices of teaching and learning in secondary education. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 21(1), 200-212.

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